At Biola University, we are committed to living out the word of God. 在多元中求同存异,需要全体社区成员的自觉努力. A team was assembled to write a concise Theological Statement on 多样性,明确表达了大学的神学理解和多样性的制度价值. The 多元化和包容部 led the effort in collaboration with leadership from 塔尔博特神学院. In January 2019, 365网站董事会一致通过了《365网站》.

Board member Bryan Loritts shared, “I was so excited to read the document. 它涵盖了很多圣经的内容, making it clear that our commitment to unity within diversity is grounded in Scripture. 365网站的承诺是一个强有力的福音 一方面说明365网站优先强调福音的垂直层面——借着基督的恩典和信心与神和好——同时也强调福音的横向含义,即365网站如何与那些信仰基督的人和睦相处 对365网站是不同的.”

Diversity at Biola
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Unity Amidst Diversity: Theological Statement on Diversity


作为一个植根于基督教圣经的机构,其使命是装备男人和女人的思想和性格,为主耶稣基督影响世界, we at Biola University recognize the biblical mandate given to all 基督徒在多元中追求合一. From the time of original creation to the redemption of the new creation, 神的心既要多元,又要统一,这是显而易见的. Unlike many efforts which seek to highlight one aspect to the detriment of the other, Scripture emphasizes the importance of both diversity and unity (1 Cor. 12:12-13). Unity without diversity ceases to be unity and becomes uniformity, and diversity without unity ultimately becomes either radical tribalism or individualism. 基督徒被呼召以不同的方式追求多样性和统一:不是非此即彼,而是兼而有之. 两者都是基督徒所需要的, 都是基督的身体, 想象存在的多样性中的统一模式 在三位一体的神里面.


While some approaches to diversity focus on the attitude of tolerance, 作为基督徒,365网站肯定365网站的呼召要超越这一点,去实践像基督一样牺牲的爱. This love is the foundation for unity within Kingdom community. Martin Luther King Jr. 在描述王国社区时,他说:“365网站被困在一个不可逃避的相互关系的网络中, 被命运束缚在一件衣服里. 凡是直接影响到一个人的,都会间接影响到所有人. 我永远无法成为我应该成为的人,直到 你就是你应该成为的样子, and you can never be what you ought to be until I am what I ought to be” (Martin Luther King, Jr., 伯明翰监狱来信). As the body of Christ we do not flourish until all flourish. Embodying sacrificial love is not a zero-sum game where some gain and some lose. 当所有人都互相造就时,就能使基督的整个身体一起茁壮成长.

Similarly, while some approaches to diversity focus on gaining power — position, influence, expertise, 还有资源——凌驾于他人之上, as Christians, 365网站利用自己的力量为他人服务. 365网站承认罪已经影响了365网站的行为 权力的滥用不仅破坏了人际关系,也破坏了制度功能. 在365网站365网站寻求创造一种基督般的爱的文化,这是通过相互熏陶的人际关系和 equitable institutional policies that allow for a thriving intercultural community. Therefore, we value and affirm unity amidst diversity in accord with the Christian Scriptures, inviting each person to live in healthy relationships within a vibrant community that is ultimately a counter-cultural witness to the world.



  • 统一中的多样性:

    Diversity within unity begins with our understanding of the Triune God. One God exists as Three Persons — Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. 正如三位一体的上帝在永恒的统一中揭示多样性, 因此,人类形象的多样性也是统一的. God launched human history with Adam and Eve as the first human couple, 按照上帝的形象被造为男女, imparting dignity, 对所有人都有价值和价值. Through their posterity, God brought about diverse ethnicities, and people 他们有着不同的文化和语言(Rev. 5:9- 10). God’s providence sustains diversity of place, language, gender, ethnicity, and culture. God’s design and vision for the church from the beginning was diversity within unity. This 反映在使徒行传的福音使命中,就是要成为圣灵引导的见证人,向所有国家和文化的人作见证(使徒行传1:8)。. 尽管第一批信徒保持着他们的犹太人身份和末世论的希望,作为国家以色列, the early church lived out their new identity in Christ as a redeemed, unified, 为了传播福音,他们跨越种族和性别的界限(使徒行传8:4-8), 26–40, Acts 10:1-48, Acts 16:6-15). 结果,犹太人和外邦人 组成了安提阿的多民族教会, where believers were first called Christians (Acts 11:19-26; 13:1-3). In the church, 365网站赞美合一的主, one faith, one baptism through the Holy Spirit’s empowering of mutual love (Eph. 4:4-6) and diverse gifts for service to one another and the world. We are united by all, equally sharing in the one life of Christ (Gal. 2:20),并呼吁通过住在365网站每个人里面的上帝的圣灵来保持这种团结(弗2:20). 4:3). The biblical unity to which we are called is not sameness or uniformity, 它也没有缩小365网站的天然差异. However, 365网站在神旨意中的一切天然差异,并不影响365网站在神面前的平等. 3:28). 《365地址》中描述了一群不同的信徒和谐地一起工作, 目标一致, towards the common goal with which they have been called in Christ Jesus (Eph. 4:1-16). 365网站珍视这种多样性 以上帝的真理和道德意志为基础(见365网站) 教义声明; 关于人类性的陈述). 在一个身体里 Christ, his church, 上帝明确地赋予每个家庭成员不同的属灵恩赐,是为了共同的利益. Likewise, 神利用365网站在基督身体内的不同来促进共同的利益(使徒行传11:19-30; 17:24-28).

  • 相互依存的统一:

    尽管丰富多样, 造物主设计所有的人都生活在一个美丽和谐的统一中,相互依赖. Mutual interdependence characterizes diversity in Christian community according to Scripture. As a living 365网站是一个整体,其中每个成员只有在相互依存中才能茁壮成长,就像在365网站的肉体中一样(罗马书). 12:4-5; Eph. 4:16; 1 Cor. 12:12–27). 当人们在基督里和好(以弗所书). 2:13-16)并且蒙神的恩典 God, we are called to live as transformed Kingdom citizens (Eph. (罗马书2:19)他们努力与他人和睦相处. 12章16节),他们是谦卑的. 12:3; Phil. 2:2-8),病人(哥林多前书. (以弗所书13:4). 4:2), who can forgive (Matt. 因为神已经赦免了365网站(西十八35). 3:13; Matt. 6:12) and not keep record of wrongs done to us (1 Cor 13:5). 通过社区的统一性, both distinct in natural differences and intimately bonded in love for one another in 365网站效法基督,彰显神的智慧. 3:10; cf. 2:14-16; 3:6; 1 Cor. 12:12-13; Phil. 2:1-11).

  • 为团结而和解:

    We recognize that biblical shalom is God’s intended model for relationships in communities. However, 365网站认识到,破坏团结的以自我为中心的罪恶态度和行为仍然存在于365网站身上——个人和团体的模式 与耶稣基督的生活明显不同,耶稣基督生活在与上帝和他人的爱的关系中. We recognize that the pervasiveness of sin impacts both individuals and institutions. 365网站承认365网站是一个不断需要帮助的破碎社区 治愈365网站的过去和现在. But out of love, God sent his only Son Jesus Christ to reconcile us with Him, 彼此也要如此. 5:18-19). We recognize that the early church struggled to achieve this reconciliation 犹太人和外邦人. However, 365网站在基督里与神和好,为犹太人和外邦人在教会里和好提供了基础. 2:14-22; 4:1-5). As reconciled sisters and brothers in Christ and empowered by the grace of 是借着住在365网站里面的圣灵, we are called to become transformed Kingdom persons who can live in harmony with others (Rom. 12章16节),也愿意彼此理解(彼前1:16). 3:7).



  • 三位一体的上帝是多元中的统一
  • 所有的人都是上帝创造的,以反映上帝内在多样性中的统一
  • That all human beings possess intrinsic dignity by virtue of being made in the image of God
  • 十字架使365网站与神和好,也使365网站彼此和好
  • That from the beginning the church has been designed for unity amidst diversity, 相互依存
  • That biblical shalom calls us to right relationships with God and one another


  • Sanctification:

    让圣灵使365网站成为天国的子民, 使365网站能够跟随和模仿耶稣基督,并彼此奉献基督般的爱和服务. (John 13:34-35; 1 John 4:18-21; Gal. 5:22-23). 圣化包括一个主动的 pursuit and ministry of loving one another in the body of Christ, 爱邻居如爱自己, 顺服耶稣的命令(太. 22:37-40), submitting ourselves to one another “out of reverence for Christ” (Eph. 5:21). Love is displayed as we seek to understand the other’s point of view and experience. 人际冲突发生的时间和地点, 365网站相信上帝会召唤伤害他人的人承认并忏悔自己的伤害行为. 5:23-24; 7:1-5), 让受伤的人原谅, 没有记载365网站所受的过犯. 13:5). 作为一所基督教高等教育机构, 不团结在何时何地产生并持续, 365网站致力于充满恩典的调解, 为了促进相互理解,治愈和和解的实际步骤. 虽然365网站承认,谦卑地承认和放弃有分歧的文化习俗,拥抱新的文化习俗,有时是困难的,甚至是痛苦的 为了团结, we seek to follow the example of the early church in reconciling communities in conflict (Acts 6:1-7; 15:1-35).

  • 社区蓬勃发展:

    在统一中拥抱多样性,作为个人茁壮成长和基督身体成长的重要组成部分. We seek to cultivate a community where individuals are encouraged to contribute, 上帝赐予的天赋和设计, to the growth and development of the entire campus community (Eph. 4:11-16). This includes utilizing the forms of power we have — position, influence, expertise, 还有资源——不是为了私利, 而是彼此服事(马可福音10:42-45; Phil. 2:1–13). 这些机会在哪里受到阻碍, 365网站承诺承认并消除障碍,以加强365网站社区的学习和繁荣. To do this we commit to pursuing diversity as a part of the fabric of our 大学的愿望 and institutional practices (for further information on our strategies to do so, 参见机构多样性战略计划). This includes but is not limited to areas such as administrative leadership, recruitment and retention, 招聘和晋升, 研究和资助, 教学与课程, co-curriculum, 任务和服务培训, 精神发展. We commit to enhancing learning environments in which we can listen to the diversity of thought that exists within the Biola community, learning alongside and from one another.

  • Bearing Witness:

    365网站的团体内积极追求多元的合一,作为基督和解之爱的见证. 作为信徒,基督吩咐365网站要以基督般的、自我牺牲的爱彼此相爱. 这种无私的爱从 cultural humility, 愿意倾听不同的观点, 确保365网站机构内部的公平. 当365网站之间发生冲突时,这种爱会让365网站奔向对方,而不是远离对方. The 365网站对彼此的爱将是反文化的见证,见证基督般的社区的力量(约翰福音13:34-35)。. 这个见证体现了教会藉著基督使世人与神和解的使命(哥林多后书). 5:18-20). Ultimately, 365网站努力反映末世的团体,他们将生活在与神完全的平安-正确的关系中. 5:9-10),彼此(启5:9-10). 21:22-27)和其余的创造物(以赛亚书. 11:6-9). 在某种程度上,365网站是 能够体现这个终极社区, we serve as salt and light to a world that is in need of Christ (Matt. 5:13-16).