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就业 at 保尔拉

What makes 保尔拉 University a great place to work? 在这里, you can pursue your calling in a professional, 欢迎的环境,所有的教职员工都是虔诚的基督徒. 保尔拉提供有竞争力的薪酬和福利,以及一个健康的员工社区,优先考虑您的职业发展和精神福祉.

Faith Integration

All employees are Christ-followers, committed to 保尔拉’s mission, vision and values, we seek to love and honor God. Faith is integrated into everything we do at 保尔拉.

Work-Life Balance

保尔拉致力于为365网站的员工提供工作与生活的平衡,这从365网站慷慨的态度可以看出 employee benefits and short summer work days, to name a few.



多样性 & 包容

We actively live out the word of God, strive for unity amidst diversity through purposeful actions. 欲知详情,请浏览 保尔拉.edu/about/diversity.

保尔拉 in 60 Seconds

教师 and 工作人员 Application Process

  1. Search for job openings.


  2. 应用 to the position(s).

    • Create a profile and submit the online application. Applicants can apply to more than one position, but the online application should only be submitted once.
    • To update information on the online application, log in to the 保尔拉 University applicant system and select the appropriate field(s) to edit.
    • 所有考生将被通知其申请的最终状态. 请注意,关于申请状态的电子邮件或电话查询是不接受的.
  3. Application will be reviewed by the appropriate school or department.

    • 教师 positions:在线申请和教师简历将由所申请的学校审核.
    • 工作人员 positions:网上申请将由人力资源办公室审核,并提交给招聘部门.
  4. Qualified applicants will be contacted for an interview.

    • 教师 positions:符合条件的申请人将由学校通知进行面试.
    • 工作人员 positions:符合条件的申请人将由招聘部门通知面试.
  5. Applicants will be notified of a decision.

    • 教师:学院申请人将收到其所申请学校的最终申请处理资料.
    • 工作人员:人力资源厅会代表招聘部门向申请聘用的职员发出聘书.

    注:如职位已满,将以电子邮件通知剩余申请人. 请记住,招聘过程平均需要2-3个月.

For current employee transfers.

  • 应用 to the job through the 保尔拉参与 门户网站. 申请将被审查,并在作出决定后发出通知.
  • 完成 transfer request form, which will be sent to your current supervisor. 如果得到批准, 你现在的主管会把它转发给人力资源办公室,并得到他们的批准.
  • For additional information, please see 第二节.5 in the Employee Handbook.

All applicants, please note the following:

  • 保尔拉 University's Doctrinal Statement 仍然是关于大学神学地位的基本文件. 保尔拉's position from its inception has been and remains Christian, Protestant and theologically conservative. 未来的和现有的员工必须确认他们的个人神学信仰与365网站教义声明一致. 未来或现有员工的教会归属将被考虑在确定他或她的理解和遵守365网站的神学立场.
  • 365网站的所有职位都要求申请人通过犯罪背景调查作为就业条件. This includes a review of any pending charges or convictions. Once a conditional offer of 就业 is extended, 保尔拉 utilizes the services of HireRight, a third-party agency, to conduct a criminal background check. 保尔拉公司保留扩大招聘范围的权利.g.在美国,运输部(Department of Transportation)正在招聘需要开车的职位。.


就业 Questions?

电子邮件: 工作人员.就业@保尔拉.edu

Phone: (562) 944-0351, ext. 5207

Jennyn Herrera

Talent Acquisition & Onboarding Partner


Talent Acquisition Specialist

保尔拉大学致力于提供一个促进安全的学习和生活环境, 透明度, personal integrity, 礼貌, mutual respect, freedom from discrimination. 看到保尔拉 Theological Statement on 多样性. As a Christian university controlled by its Board of Trustees, 365网站公司已经根据《365网站》申请并获得了监管豁免, 34 C.F.R.第106条.12, 如果加州教育法典66270的适用不符合该机构的宗教教义,则该学校也不受该法律的约束. These exemptions may apply to, but are not limited to, 大学政策规定的要求包括: Student Community Standards (undergraduate), Community Standards (研究生), 住房 policies, admissions processes, Employee Standards of Conduct. 保尔拉保留联邦法律和加利福尼亚州法律赋予的权利.